In the Kitchen

Learning to do a “before” shot.

It’s finally time to get this blog underway.  I have recently quit smoking and the weather is warming up so I now have the motivation to CREATE!  And it is wonderful…sure I may be covered in saw dust and smell of paint fumes…but I feel like I have so many new pieces in my home already!  I am also learning that I need to do a “BEFORE” shot of all my projects.  So I appologize in advance not not having some.

Here is the first without a “before” shot.  I used to live in an apartment building where the recycling area was down in the underground garage.  A lot of people used this as a place to get rid of their broken or useless junk as well.   One thing (of many) that I found down there was a large (and heavy) framed mirror.  The backing was coming off so for a while I just leaned it against the wall and made my own vanity. Several months ago I moved and in my new property I already have a built in vanity so there was no need for that mirror in my room.  I do have a fireplace now so since we moved in the mirror has just been laying on the mantle.  It didn’t look horrible but the wood definitely didn’t match the rest of the woodwork in my living room.

I have finally given new life to the frame (the mirror has been tossed…the purpose of mirrors are to make a room look bigger…my living room has tall ceilings and is huge…it didn’t need to look any bigger).  After sanding it I spray painted it “Paprika Red” and then covered it in a sheer polyuerothane (i’ll get the spelling right some day).  Then I found this sad and lonely pillow sham at my local Goodwill …ripped the seams to make it bigger, ironed it, stapled it to the back of the frame (once the frame was dry of course) and VIOLA!

  This photo doesn’t do it justice…but the colors are perfect!  Guess I’m going to need to invest in a good camera soon as well.


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