Month: July 2012

Measure Once Cut Twice?

My cousin’s wedding was my first official request for a cake.  Her boyfriend proposed to her on New Year’s Eve and she came to me not too shortly after asking if I could make the cake and some cupcakes for the reception.  I was already making a cake for her and her mom’s big birthday … Continue reading Measure Once Cut Twice?


Of Monster Trucks and Men

My darling sisters husband is turning 30….and yet in his mind he is younger than my son.  When I asked my sister what her husband would like for a cake I was expecting something realtated to hunting, fishing or maybe even Budweiser.  The last thing I was expecting was MONSTER TRUCKS.  I know he enjoys … Continue reading Of Monster Trucks and Men

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

*WARNING: If you are a New England Patriots fan this may be a hard post to swallow-I am NOT a Pats fan---as a matter of fact I am probably their #1 ANTI-FAN…Expect a lot of trash talk and gloating in the following post* SUPERBOWL SUNDAY….my favorite time of the year.   It’s the one day of … Continue reading It’s the most wonderful time of the year

First attempt at MMF (Marshmallow Fondant)

I've always liked the shiekness look of fondant, but I never liked the cost or taste.  Then one day last year prior to my daughters 11th birthday I stumbled upon this recipe for DIY Marshmallow Fondant found at the blog Bakeat350.  This lady is amazing and she has recipe for Royal Icing where you can … Continue reading First attempt at MMF (Marshmallow Fondant)