Month: November 2012

It’s A…..

I was so excited to do these extremely simple cupcakes for a co-workers gender reveal.  Granted it's not a new technique or anything ...but we're talking BABIES and anything related to babies is awesome. Last night my dear friend Nicole came over to help me whip these up (and save my sanity because my day … Continue reading It’s A…..


Holy Cornbread Batman

Actually it's jalapeno cornbread....but close enough. Our small group at work decided to do a "Soup Off" today which encompassed 8 different kinds of (delicious) soups for our taste bud pleasure.  Once we had our samples of each we then voted on a winner.  After the voting was over we opened it up to our … Continue reading Holy Cornbread Batman

Pizza Monkey Bread-the new party pizza!

When I was a kid my mom would make for all of our birthday parties "mini pizzas" which was Pillsbury biscuits cooked with pizza sauce, cheese and toppings of choice.  These were always such a hit and so easy to make.  However...I have stumbled upon something even more amazing.  I'm sure I originally saw it … Continue reading Pizza Monkey Bread-the new party pizza!