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Ombre Wedding Cake

I get so nervous when it comes to a wedding cake request.  I am not a professional baker, but I strive to be, however wedding cakes make me jittery.  This is supposed to be a day to remember and therefore a cake to remember.   One of my biggest fears is that my cake will one day end up on Cake Wrecks and not under her Sunday Sweets category.  Like I’ve said before, I am willing to share my failures along with my successes.  I figure not only will it help others to avoid the same mistakes, but also remind me of my own mistakes and how I’ve grown.

A friend had originally asked me to do her cupcakes for her wedding, she was going to need about 250 of them.  So I priced her and I am assuming that it was higher than what they were looking for because they opted to go to Sams Club or Costco instead.  This was fine by me, I am just one person, with one oven so to make that many I had to price higher.  That would have been a lot of work too so I was partially relieved.

About one and a half months before the wedding she reached out to me again asking if I would be willing to do just a small cutting cake for them.  They must have liked my price because the next thing I knew we were emailing each other back and forth trying to come up with the perfect cutting cake for their blessed union.  Her colors were guava and ivory…and if you don’t know what guava is you could describe it as a orangy pink, or a tangerine salmon…really it can go ANYWAY.  So between swapping pictures and color ideas she and her fiance finally decided on this look.

I found the cake and how to on another blog, Balancing Bites and fortunately for my bride the color was spot on to what she wanted so I was able to match the colors very easily.  She opted out of the flower on the top though and just decided to run with a simple wedding cake topper.

My cake turned out pretty good, until it came to transporting it.

Mistake #1, giving the groom the cake stand two days before the wedding.  Generally when I present a cake on a cake stand I would prefer to decorate it on the cake stand so that I don’t have to mess with getting it on there and possibly causing a disaster.

Mistake #2, not gluing down the cake (and by gluing I mean using extra frosting to adhere the cake).  Since the groom had my cake stand I used a smaller cake board (9 inch cake, 8 inch cake board) so that I could place it on the cake stand without seeing the cake board.  However, once in the carrier I didn’t choose to glue the cake board to the carrier because I was afraid that I would be able to get it off safely.  Which brings me to my next mistake.

Mistake #3, not bringing extra frosting and utensils to the reception site.  Had I glued the cake board to the cake carrier  then it wouldn’t have slid while driving and bumped up to the wall of the cake carrier cover.  Had I brought utensils and extra frosting to the reception site I could have glued it to the cake stand and fix it.

You can see in this picture smudging due to it bumping against the wall of the carrier.

Fortunately there was one side that didn’t get the brunt of my driving and we were able to display that side as they cut the cake.  I’m not saying it looks AWFUL but….I’ve learned my mistakes.

Congratulations Tanya &  Chris!


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