Melting Pot

Let the Creations Resume…and the nice weather too!

Shortly after my last post (November 2012) I spontaneously decided to enroll in a local community college and attempt to get my degree in Business Management and Marketing. I decided this after being out of school for 15 years (15 year reunion this year YIKES!) and already trying to juggle two jobs, two kids and all the other joys of single motherhood. I’ve never taken a college course so the experience was a little scary along with overwhelming. However, I managed to finish (with B’s in both my classes, which I take as AWESOME seeing its’ been sooooo long) school just in time to enjoy the summer.

MN did not have a spring this year…we had seven long and painful months of winter…and with no spring and homework, I haven’t been able to do any of the crafting, creating or family fun that I wanted. But that’s ok…because like I said summer is here and my pinterest boards are exploding with things I can’t wait to try. I will be taking a small hiatus from baking though, at least elaborate cakes, because my workspace is falling to pieces. The townhome that I am renting doesn’t have adequate counter space and my table is old and has too many divots to create a smooth fondant top. But have no fear!!! I am currently in the process of buying a new home, and while it’s a short sale and the process has been as long as this dreadful winter, I hope to have an answer from the sellers lender here in the next few weeks…which means as early as July 1 I could be in my new home. Once the sellers lender accepts my offer (I really hope they do!) you’ll see a new board for the home where I will post all my before and after’s of the renovations (and believe me…there are MANY!).

I hope you all had a lovely winter (if you didn’t live in MN I am betting it was better than mine) and can’t wait to hear what you’re looking forward to this summer. Happy Creating!


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