Melting Pot

From Old to New…and Back to Old.

Happy New Years! New resolutions, old habits, new promises, old friends, new friends, new projects and so on.

New Resolution: To a healthier me! Going to the dentist-don’t ask, it’s scary, you don’t want to know. Exercising more (even if it is playing “Just Dance” in the living room with the kids) and not just eating healthier …but smarter!

Old Habits: Telling my readers that I will commit to ONE POST/WEEK..again and again and again…and guess what, I’m telling you again!

New Promises: Promises to myself, my children, my family…..any bets on whose promise I break first?

Old friends: Joys to having these people back in my life and gratefulness that they can understand that it’s much easier to put the rage of a PMSing teenager behind us than hold on to old grudges!

New Friends: Particularly those I have made at my church (LOVE MY CHURCH!) and Mazee, our 3 year old teacup maltipoo that we adopted last October. She’s truly a unique individual who makes the perfect addition to our qwerky family!

New Projects: SO MANY PROJECT—we bought our FIRST NEW HOME (well…old home really—105 years old to be exact) in October and now that the unpacking is finished and most rooms are painted I can get started with the crafts and projects. Now if only the weather would cooperate! Cannot wait for spring J

And so on: I’m still in school…but have decided to take a different path. Now I am getting my generals at the community college I originally enrolled in with the hopes of transferring to a four year university to obtain a bachelors in the psychology field (or something relevant). It’s going to be long and grueling…but so worth it!

So …bare with me, maybe I’ll stick to my promise and break the old habit of falling of the interwebs after my third post of the year. This mama, baker, educator, student, creator, planner, crafter, do-it-herselfer, owner, take-on-too-mucher has a lot to share…and believe it or not, some of my readers might find what I have to say entertaining!!


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