A Wedding Gift They’ll Use!

The only thing harder than shopping for my teenage daughter is shopping for a wedding gift.  Yes, usually they have registered to a few places but I just feel like buying them something that they’ve already seen removes the A)surprise factor and B)takes any and all intimacy and personality out of the gift.

I recently found myself invited to or asked to be a part of several weddings.  The last thing I wanted to do was got to Target and buy five different shades of bath towel sets—BORING!  So, being the creative (and frugal!) genius that I am I decided to use these registries to determine what the decor of the entire home was intended to feel like.  Then I went shopping, not a Target, or Bath & Body Works, no, I got to go shopping at my favorite stores—Michaels & JoAnn Fabrics!   What I found myself looking for were unique frames to match the design style of the newlyweds home and craft paper that would reflect the scheme/colors of the wedding.

Then it was to work! I took the couples first names and repeated them in a font that I felt would match the couples personality—repeated over and over and over in very small print.  Then …by random, I put in the wedding date in a nice loving red.  Finally, I added the word “L O V E” spaced out over it.  I printed this on a solid color –again something that was close to the wedding colors/theme, and once printed I ripped it! Well…not ripped it up but ripped the edges to give it a rough look.  After the ripping was complete I added a textured or designed paper behind and placed them in the frame and voila!


This couple had the whole barn themed wedding so the browns matched the twine, twigs and burlap.  Can you spot the wedding date? It’s kind of hard with my reflection.


It’s right above the “L” though–I promise!

This was such a great gift that they can use to commemorate the special day every day, rather than the gravy boat that is collecting dust in the cabinet above the fridge!

Have you ever been creative with wedding (or any occasion) gifts—or do you prefer to buy?


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