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The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday for oh so many reasons.  First and foremost, it is the birthday of one of the most amazing person’s I have ever had the pleasure of knowing; My grandmother-Val (short for Valborg!)

Grandma’s Senior Picture–What a looker!

G-ma unfortunately left this earth in 2008 but I make sure to still celebrate her on her birthday every year! The 4th always meant the whole family would get together to celebrate.  We’d do the typical bbq, a variety of side dishes and of course watermelon! My uncle would always provide us with a slew of illegal fireworks — because here in MN anything that leaves the ground is a no go! So across to WI he would travel–just like many other pyro maniacs looking to blow up stuff.  Finally there would always be an “American” cake of sorts to celebrate both the US Independence and this amazing woman!  I still try to have a cake for her when I get the chance—and this year I did:

Happy Birthday G-ma! Happy 4th America!

It was pretty simple to make, just angel food sheet cake, homemade cream cheese cool whip and berries! Tastes like a celebration in my mouth too!

Another reason that I love the 4th is because it’s in the middle of the summer, my favorite season and during my birthday month.  Sometimes it’s nice to think that those fireworks are just for me!  I absolutely love the summer time because well, here in MN it’s cold, like all the time—except the very short summer time.  You’ll find us Minnesotan’s attempt to spend as much time outdoors as possible during these short few months. This year we decided to add lights to our patio to extend the time we could spend out on it.



I love them so much—it just makes a nice summer day last even longer.  The first night we used them we stayed out and played cribbage well past sunset.  The patio still needs a lot of work, but it’s coming along nicely.  Next step is to build up a privacy fence in that corner—all though we do love all the “Looks like Margaritaville” comments we’ve been attracting!



One of the things I intend on doing is adding a couple of wood decor hangings that I’ve been working on.  One of the perks to demo’ing a 120+ year old house is that behind all that plaster is a lot of reusable wood!

One of the easiest projects I have done are these cute little American flags.  I sold quite a bit of them the first year I started making them, they’re definitely an easy sell this time of year.

People might think that the “rustic reclaimed wood pallet” projects have died off—but I don’t care.  I love being able to find new uses for items, and honestly, having all this wood hidden behind my walls is like finding gold!

Hope everyone had a safe and joyful 4th! I know I did—Happy Birthday G-ma!




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