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With or Without You Spring

Apparently Spring did not get the memo that we have officially “sprung ahead” and have arrived in the spring season here in MN, because there is snow in the forecast and snow still on the ground.  Never assume that a season is here (or over) in MN – it will only lead to planning mishaps and disappointments! Regardsless — we’re moving on with or without spring and March 28th will be DEMO DAY (round 37?)!

So to remind you, this gem of a 122 year old house has literally been under construction from the day I moved in five years ago.


We have become more progressive/aggressive lately and have scheduled the next phase of the current project to begin next week.  This phase is dirty – and likely long – and requires everyone (fury friends included) to be out of the house.  Luckily I am an EXCELLENT planner and the kiddos will be on spring break with one out of the country (insert crying & sobbing mother here) and the other will be staying with his dad, while all the pet will have a temporary address.  Let the demo begin!

So what’s happening you ask — well for four years I loved the fact that I had a darling formal dining room separate from my darling kitchen– it made me feel like a grown up.

l5eda5144-m2xd-w640_h480_q80  993970_10151622128465765_656363868_n

And then after four years I discovered that I hated this wall:


And this kitchen:


And so we did this:


And it sat this way – for MONTHS – until we finally did this!


We totally kicked that load bearing wall’s butt – with the help of an expert, but none the less we helped!  The house feels so much bigger now – however the dilemma we find ourselves in now is that our other walls and ceiling are all lath and plaster! So for the last four days of March we will be doing the following:

  • Removing the remaining lath and plaster walls and ceilings from the main floor and replacing with drywall.
  • Framing the sun room out for an office and creating a more efficient entry way with storage.
  • Adding sliding glass framed doors to new office (wall above) to bring in more natural light.
    • I bought all the flooring for this project and for the first time EVER all the floors on the main level (living room, dining room & kitchen) will be COHESIVE!

So — with or without you spring – we’re moving on and doing what us MN’s know how to do best – bite our tongue and take it out on our sports teams!

Happy Spring Everyone!


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