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Hitting a Brick Wall

No-Literally! And several of them — and unlike the brick found in some of my favorite remodeling shows – this brick is uglier than the snow that is currently falling outside (reminder- IT’S APRIL!).  I’m continuously racking my brain with an idea on how to salvage or showcase it, but beside it being ugly it’s also surrounded by ancient 2×4’s that would need to be cut back if the brick were to remain.  Then we’d have ugly brick with old ugly 2×3’s… I never saw this in Jojo’s decor!

A figurative brick wall was hit as well — actually many of them.  We took three days off of work with the intention of demoing on day 1, cleaning, doing electrical and installing vents on day 2, and putting up the drywall on day 3–with the hopes of being able to utilize the weekend to install the flooring.  However – demolition took 3 long, dusty, painful and daunting days.  Electrical is still being worked on, cleaning took 2 days, and vent and drywall supplies have not even been purchased – and let’s just skip talking about the flooring because I might start crying.  I guess our house just wanted to play an early April Fools Day joke on us because with every wall we attempted to open up we were left laughing at the horror found behind it.

Moving on… our adventures started with removing all the trim from the floors and windows and moving all furniture (because we’re crazy and still living there) to the center of the rooms.  Luckily for us dd was on spring break in Poland on a school trip so her room became temporary storage for anything that could fit through the door!


BRING ON DEMO DAY! But safety first!


Straight outta Breaking Bad right?  Yeah this was our uniform for the next three days.  As much of a pain it was to wear I was extremely relieved to have that face mask because the dust from knocking down seven walls and two ceilings of lath and plaster is something that I surely did not want to breath in!

Once we got all the plaster off the walls it was time to take down the lath! Here’s a nice panoramic of the living room after all the lath came down.20180331_105912

Below is the wall that will eventually hold these two beautiful doors providing access to my soon to be new office while letting tons of natural light come through!  I thought we might get to taking out the portion of the wall that these will replace – but alas, another brick wall was hit.

So here we sit – surrounded by brick walls.  All attempts to have the kiddos see it as “rustic” is failing and they just keep calling it old and dirty — just like that brick.  Uffdah!



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