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The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday for oh so many reasons.  First and foremost, it is the birthday of one of the most amazing person's I have ever had the pleasure of knowing; My grandmother-Val (short for Valborg!) G-ma unfortunately left this earth in 2008 but I make sure to still celebrate her … Continue reading ‘MERICA!


Out with the VERY old and in with the SHINY new!

My first home purchase was quite the roller coaster of events and emotions.  Offers in, waiting, offers rejected, inspections in, counter offers in, counter offers rejected. What I had always envisioned as one of the most exciting chapter of my life had become a nightmare. Then finally one day I was allowed to become overwhelmed … Continue reading Out with the VERY old and in with the SHINY new!

Holy Cornbread Batman

Actually it's jalapeno cornbread....but close enough. Our small group at work decided to do a "Soup Off" today which encompassed 8 different kinds of (delicious) soups for our taste bud pleasure.  Once we had our samples of each we then voted on a winner.  After the voting was over we opened it up to our … Continue reading Holy Cornbread Batman