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Hitting a Brick Wall

No-Literally! And several of them -- and unlike the brick found in some of my favorite remodeling shows - this brick is uglier than the snow that is currently falling outside (reminder- IT'S APRIL!).  I'm continuously racking my brain with an idea on how to salvage or showcase it, but beside it being ugly it's… Continue reading Hitting a Brick Wall

DIY's, Melting Pot, This Frugal House

With or Without You Spring

Apparently Spring did not get the memo that we have officially "sprung ahead" and have arrived in the spring season here in MN, because there is snow in the forecast and snow still on the ground.  Never assume that a season is here (or over) in MN - it will only lead to planning mishaps… Continue reading With or Without You Spring

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The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday for oh so many reasons.  First and foremost, it is the birthday of one of the most amazing person's I have ever had the pleasure of knowing; My grandmother-Val (short for Valborg!) G-ma unfortunately left this earth in 2008 but I make sure to still celebrate her… Continue reading ‘MERICA!

Melting Pot

Let the Creations Resume…and the nice weather too!

Shortly after my last post (November 2012) I spontaneously decided to enroll in a local community college and attempt to get my degree in Business Management and Marketing. I decided this after being out of school for 15 years (15 year reunion this year YIKES!) and already trying to juggle two jobs, two kids and… Continue reading Let the Creations Resume…and the nice weather too!